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  • Rollshutters
  • Colonial Shutters
  • Bahama Shutters
  • Accordion Shutters
  • Interior Shutters


  • Hurricane Screens
  • Solar Screens

Safety & Security Laminate

  • Armorcoat Glass Laminate


  • Portable
  • Freestanding
  • Retractable

All of the above can be operated manually or can be motorized with a remote control

Storm Panels

  • Aluminum Storm Panels


Rollshutters are made from aluminum, coated with PVC powder. They are paint factory baked four (4) times. Rollshutters can be controlled manually, or can be motorized. Remotes and key switches are available to operate the shutters from inside and out. They provide households and businesses with peace-of-mind, privacy and protection. They are energy saving, reduce noise and also block sunlight.


Colonial Shutters offer a classic style that provides an Architectural appeal and ease of use assuring you storm protection and privacy. When open, our custom-fitted Colonial shutters give your home an elegant charm and appeal. They come in both arch and traditional flat topped louvered styles, manufactured with all stainless steel hardware, the shutters themselves are designed using a heavy gauge aluminum extrusion. They are available in a powder coat finish for a long lasting and fade resistant protection.

Characteristics of Colonial Shutters

  • Extremely popular as storm protection and adds to the charm of your home.
  • Architecturally pleasing
  • Can be installed on any existing home
  • Easy operation from outside the home.
  • Provides added security
  • Versatile protection that adds to the look of your home
  • Arches, angles and cured tops available
  • Covers openings up to 16 ft. wide and 15 ft. high
  • Special sizes available upon request
  • Unlimited custom colours
  • Medium sound control
  • Improved insulation from heat and cold.

Colonial shutters are a great functional product that works for you full time by providing protection from sun and rain and giving you privacy while looking great all at the same time.


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Bahama Shutters are available with a traditional flat top or open louvered style. Our Bahama shutters offer a decorative look, while providing outstanding storm protection, as well as protection from the sun. Our shutters are manufactured with all stainless steel hardware and adjustable aluminum arms designed for versatility and ease of use. Even in the closed position Bahama shutters allow light and ventilation.

Characteristics of Bahama Shutters

  • Extremely popular as storm protection and adds to the charm of your home.
  • Architecturally pleasing
  • Can be installed on any existing home
  • Easy operation from outside the home
  • Provides added security
  • Versatile protection that adds to the look of your home
  • Covers openings up to 16 ft. wide and 15 ft. high
  • Special sizes available upon request
  • Unlimited custom colours
  • Medium sound control
  • Improved insulation from heat and cold

Bahama shutters are a great functional product that works for you full time by providing protection from sun and rain and giving you privacy while looking great all at the same time.

Support arms adjustable to 60 degrees. Bahama style shutters have been used for years. The dimensions we need are the width of the opening and the height of the opening. Standard allowances will be made by us.


Accordion Shutters are permanently installed for year round protection. They fold back compactly similar to a louvered door and are one or two piece shutters. They are installed beside windows and doors, balconies, and large patio openings. Accordion shutters are convenient, and easily closed within minutes. They lock from the inside or outside for increased security and protection. Accordions are made of aluminum and should be cleaned and lubricated yearly. Accordion shutters are considered one of the strongest shutters available.

Characteristics of Accordion Shutters

  • Reduces inventory
  • Its design improves tolerances
  • Improved fit and appearance
  • Rapid response to storm threats - closes quickly to protect your opening in the event of a storm.
  • Convenience - no more putting up, taking down or storing panels.
  • No storage space needed - permanent installation of accordion shutters frees up valuable storage space. Puts an end to putting up and taking down storm panels through out the season.
  • Provides added security with choice of either inside or outside locking mechanisms.
  • Available in colours of White (WH), Ivory (IV), Beige (BG), and Bronze (MB).
  • Unobstructed View - in the open position the accordion is equally stacked to both sides which offers a full view.
  • Energy efficient - In closed or semi-closed position accordion reflects sun’s harsh rays and provides shade.
  • Privacy - In the closed position the accordion shutter restricts ability to see into the opening.
  • Increases value of your property- Permanent hurricane protection is seen as an upgrade to your property.
  • Minimal Maintenance- aluminum construction needs only occasional washing as needed and regularly scheduled lubrication of plastic rollers and locking mechanism with a silicon based product.
  • Code approved for most areas

Our Eclipse™ Shutters come in three louver sizes:

We offer our shutters in Traditional Tilt-Bar or our patented Clearview® option.  While some people still want the classic styling of the tilt-bar for opening and closing their shutters, others want an unobstructed view.  For this, Eclipse offers the Clearview option. A patented series of connectors located on the back of the shutters offers a clean appearance when the shutters are closed, while also providing an undivided view of the outdoors when fully opened.  Order Clearview to achieve an even greater perspective!

Eclipse Shutters come in four neutral colours, matching beautifully with any interior:  Cotton, Pearl, Vanilla, and our newest colour Sandstone.

We offer six frame styles, and also Bi-Fold and By-Pass Track Systems which are great for closets, doors and room dividers.  Our specialty shaped shutters are the perfect solution for arched windows and are available in Half-circle, Eyebrow, Tunnel, Elliptical, Quarter-circle, Octagon, Hexagon, Full Rake, Half Rake, Symmetrical Angle Top, and Angle Top. All shapes are available with traditional tilt bar or Clearview®.

Specialty Shapes

Characteristics of Interior Shutters

  • Energy Efficient - Eclipse Shutters are designed with cellular construction that has pockets of air in the louver and frame parts.  This construction virtually eliminates solar heat gain during the summer months and provides excellent insulation during winter months.  Save on your heating and cooling bills by installing Eclipse Shutters today!
  • Child Safety - Because there are no dangling cords, Eclipse Shutters are a safe window covering product with children or pets.  Another safety feature of Eclipse Shutters is the GREENGUARD certification for children and schools.  Children are more heavily exposed to toxins than adults, so with Eclipse Shutters installed in your home, you won't have to worry about what they may be exposed to.
  • Fire-Retardant - Polyresin 3® has inherent flame-retardant qualities built right into the material.  Without adding any coatings or coverings, Polyresin 3 resists ignition and flame spread, burns at a higher temperature than many other materials, and commonly will not burn once the flame source is removed.  These characteristics make Eclipse Shutters a safe option for both commercial and residential applications.
  • Waterproof - Water can be a destructive force around bathrooms, kitchens, and other high humidity areas.  The wrong types of materials in these spaces may rust, crack, mildew, and even warp.  Fortunately, Eclipse Shutters resist all of these damaging effects making them the perfect choice for water-prone environments.
  • Washable - Permanent marker is permanent on most surfaces, but not on Eclipse Shutters.  Ink, crayon and other staining agents do not bind to the smooth surface.  In most cases, soap and water is all it takes to remove unsightly blemishes.  Removing the shutters for cleaning is a breeze.  From the simplicity of the two-part hinges, to its ultra-lightweight composition, this shutter system can be removed from the window by a single person within seconds, and reinstalled without needing a manual.
  • Long Lasting - Eclipse Shutters are made using only pure materials.  There are no recycled elements being mixed into the product.  The result is that Eclipse Shutters are the strongest and longest-lasting shutter you can buy.  The shutter system is guaranteed not to distort, crack, chip or fade.  Our 25-year warranty proves that our shutters will stand the test of time.
  • Virtually Indestructible - The Eclipse Shutter has a resilient composition, and the durable finish makes dents and scratches a rare possibility.
  • Colour Fast - Eclipse Shutter will not fade or turn yellow due to ultra-violet light or exposure.  The original colour will survive the life of the shutter - guaranteed.


Engineered, tested and certified to stringent and nationally recognized hurricane protection standards, our hurricane screens guard against hurricane force winds, driving rain and flying debris.


Hurricane Protection With Storm Catcher Strap & Buckle Screen

Perfect for homes and commercial properties, Strap & Buckle is quick to install and easy to deploy. This system incorporates a flexible attachment design using straps and buckles to fasten the hurricane screen to the structure. The straps and buckles are sewn into the hemmed fabric and cross-stitched to ensure a solid connection. The straps are then looped through permanently attached or removable eyehooks or wrapped around columns and securely connected to the buckles.

  • Installs on almost any opening, creating a barrier to driving wind and rain
  • Allows light to enter the room, enabling you to see out
  • Minimal installation effort required and easy exit in case of emergency
  • Reduces hurricane wind velocity by 97%.
  • Optional permanently attached storage system “Flap Design”
  • Straps can be securely tightened for increased tautness


Hurricane Screen - Grommet Screen

This screen uses grommets attached to the screen, providing anchoring points to the building. Using a variety of mounting techniques and combining an array of structure frames, grommet screens can be used in tandem with the Strap & Buckle design to provide a hybrid application capable of providing protection for difficult openings that other shutter types are unable to match. Wall and floor-mount tracks are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes, all with corrosion-resistant materials and finishes. An optional, code-approved emergency escape panel can provide the ability to protect you inside your home knowing you can get out if you have to.

  • Allows light in, keeping you out of the “the cave”.
  • Meets stringent Florida, Texas and International Building Codes
  • Cost effective, fast and easy to deploy with a variety of installation methods
  • Maintenance free and folds conveniently for compact storage
  • Optional permanently attached storage system “Flap Design”


Rolling Screen

Enjoy incredibly effective hurricane protection and the convenience of an electronically controlled or manually operated rolling hurricane screen system.  This system provides protection to you, your family and your home, even when you are not there.  This highly innovative and advanced design is like having a bulletproof vest for the vulnerable opening of your home.  Additionally, the Rolling Screen can cover large openings while the cutting-edge mesh structure filters in light, allowing you to see out.

  • Always in place, ready for use.
  • Withstands hurricane force winds and impact from flying debris
  • Blocks 97% of all wind and driving rain, protecting the envelope of your home.
  • Operates from inside or outside the home
  • Can easily be deployed manually or electronically with optional remote control
  • Provides privacy and keeps the lanais clean of rain, dust and debris
  • Reduces sun glare
  • Increases the resale value of your home


Slide Screen

The Slide-Screen will protect your home from damage caused by high winds and flying debris.  This system incorporates the end retention technology of the Rolling Screen with a simple deployment method that is an outstanding application for windows.  There is no need to board up your home or office, leaving you in the dark for days.  The Slide-Screen system’s super-lightweight cutting-edge mesh structure allows you to know what’s going on outside while you’re safely inside.

  • Highly effective protection for windows and doors against violent storms and flying debris
  • Avoids the cave-like feeling that aluminum and steel shutters produce
  • Fast, convenient and easy to deploy
  • Affordable hurricane protection providing maximum defense


Solar Screens are the most effective window treatments that you can apply to your home for lowering energy bills by stopping the heat transfer through your windows and doors while still maintaining your view. Solar Screens are exterior full-length screens that cover the entire glass of your windows and doors.

Ways that Solar Screens work:

  • Shading Co-efficiency - the amount of shade created between the solar screen and exterior pane of glass.
  • Reflectivity - reflecting the direct sun's rays of light off of the screen, defusing the amount of direct sun's rays.
  • Absorption - the heat that is absorbed and held into the screen material itself and then dispersed back into the air away from the glass.

Benefits of Installing Solar Screens

The Home Cooling and Energy Savings potential of solar screens in warm climates are simply phenomenal.
Room temperature reduction of up to 15 degrees and savings of up to 25-30% of the cooling portion of electric energy costs can be achieved in warm climates.
Do you have "problem rooms" that always seems to be hotter than the others? Some people even close off certain rooms because they are too hot. Solar Screens are the "Instant Cure" for these heat problems. Open your blinds and drapes to let in the light and stay cool with your windows covered by external solar screens.
Some additional benefits of installing solar screens on your windows is UV Protection for your drapes, furniture, floors paintings and other valuables to reduce or eliminate fading and discoloration. Another added benefit is daytime privacy and still maintaining your view! With Solar Screen installed, up to 80-90% of the sun's heat and glare is reflected, absorbed and dissipated before it strikes the window.


Professionally installed Armorcoat offers 24 hour protection

Building safety is a top priority for home and business owners.

Protect your retail, commercial and residential buildings from the dangers of flying glass due to hurricanes, terrorist acts, vandalism, theft and accidents by using Armorcoat Safety and Security Window Films.

Armorcoat films offer 24-hour protection and are available in clear as well as tinted versions, both offering additional UV protection.

Armorcoat is a thick, optically clear barrier film that is retrofitted to the inside of the window to reinforce glass around-the-clock, helping to hold it safely in place even after multiple impacts. While the glass may break or crack, it remains adhered to the film and in most cases will still be intact in its frame, dramatically reducing the damage and injury. Armorcoat is made from tough, high tensile polyester and ultra-strong mounting adhesives and is offered in clear and solar control versions.

The tensile strength, coupled with the film’s elasticity and resistance to shear aids in the ability of eliminating the chance of objects penetrating the glass and film.


  • Airport
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Government
  • Public Transportation
  • Residential
  • Retail

Without Armorcoat
Without Armorcoat - glass shards fall from the frame
When the glass breaks, dangerous shards either fall from the frame or become airborne.

With Armorcoat
With armorcoat - glass is held in place by film
When the glass is impacted, the film helps hold harmful shards in the frame.

 Characteristics of Armorcoat Safety & Security Laminate

  • Protection from Flying Glass - A simple, everyday accident such as a golf ball hit through a window can wreak havoc. Dangerous glass shards can harm family members or employees. With Armorcoat safety and security film on the job, the glass may shatter, but the film helps hold it together, preventing serious injuries from flying glass shards.
  • Protection from Theft - Security Window Films offer protection from burglars and the old "Smash and Grab" technique because potential intruders cannot readily penetrate the glass. Police have credited security window films with deterring thefts at department stores, computer outlets, clothing chains and numerous other retail, commercial and residential locations.
  • Protection against the Sun - Armorcoat does more than just help keep broken glass in place. All Armorcoat films, tinted or clear, reject up to 100% of damaging ultraviolet rays - helping to protect your belongings and merchandise against sun related damage. You will also notice improved comfort, glare reduction, energy savings, and an enhancement in the appearance of your home or office.


Our awnings are made with Sunbrella fabric for the simple reason that Sunbrella makes the best fabric for retractable awnings. Sunbrella warranties their fabric for ten years, against fading and rotting, which is twice the warranty period of all the other fabric manufacturers in the awning industry in the country.   Sunbrella offers almost three hundred colors and patterns, and constantly updates their fabric palette with the latest and most fashionable fabrics. 


freestanding, portable canopies & awnings

Move this versatile double retractable awning where it is needed to provide large areas of sun protection. No more trying to hide under an umbrella. This portable, freestanding awning has you covered and can be motorized and automated.

The freestanding awning provides a large area of shade. There are no middle posts to interrupt the span, as a result all the space under the canopy is usable. Table placement and seating is completely flexible. This portable awning is extremely versatile and can be used for catering establishments or private use, as well as for schools, outdoor markets, or outdoor festivities. Of course the mobile awning can be installed permanently where this retractable awning system will provide a huge shaded area to have fun under.

The stable folding arms of the free-standing awning have double stainless cable spring loaded powerful arms, that roll out from both sides of the center roller tube. The two-leg version is available with cross feet or with floor sleeves to be set in concrete. Fabric and folding arms when retracted are well protected in the box, so the awning can even be left outside in inclement weather. The canopy comes standard with a manual gear and crank, but a motor drive is an available option.


mobile freestanding awnings

This freestanding awning makes it easy to bring shade with you to large open spaces.  It is especially suitable for restaurants, swimming pools, and other outdoor areas where 400 square feet or more of shade is needed. The structure is made of solid steel supports and two box awnings, which can be operated individually by gear and crank or by an optional electric motor.



  • Our most unique and exclusive feature. The fabric concealing roller support helps to support the fabric, conceals the roller tube and creates a retractable system that is more than 90% closed to the elements
  • TUV approved (highest standard for quality and safety assurance in Germany)
  • Largest and strongest extruded mounting bracket in the industry
  • Stronger arms with 3 large hardened steel
  • Forged arm elbows with a double 133 strand braided PVC coated cable in each arm for a long life
  • Steel torsion bar for greater memory and to minimize deflection
  • Steel roller tube for less deflection
  • Front bar made of extruded aluminum for superior performance and reliability
  • Extruded shoulder brackets equipped with a wind lock safety mechanism to prevent tilting*.
  • Compact 1 piece extruded hood design connects with front bar when fully retracted to create a semi-closed system
  • Extruded wrist bracket for easy adjustment of the front bar
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Powder coated white (RAL 9010) enamel finish through out the entire awning
  • Simple and precise pitch adjustment
  • Small 8" overall dimension when fully retracted

*The primary function of a retractable awning is sun protection. A retractable awning should be retracted in case of extreme conditions.

Motors and Cranks

Manual operation is standard with all units, however, motors can be applied to any size awning and makes the operation as easy as touching a button on a remote or flipping a switch on a wall.  All motors offer a manual override option in the event of a power outage.


Corrugated panels that consist of light weight aluminum in either .050 or .063 gauges. The panels are easy to install and store in a fraction of the space required for plywood.

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